40th International Conference on High Energy Physics

Scientists working in the large infrastructure BNL-CZ, in co-operation with other Czech institutions co-organized the largest conference in particle physics ICHEP2020 taking place from July 28 to August 6, 2020 in online mode due to the covid-19 pandemic. The conference was launched with a parallel program in 17 specialized sections. A total of 3,000 scientists from all over the world took part in it, making it the largest in the history of particle physics. Particle physics is one of the most important research topics at CTU where our involvement in research at the Brookhaven National Laboratory is crucial. Many of our colleagues are involved in the organization of the conference itself, e.g. Jana Bielčíková co-coordinated the program committee of the conference, Jaroslav Bielčík co-coordinated the preparation of the program for the public, Barbara Trzeciak co-heads the Heavy Ion Physics section, Miroslav Myška co-heads the Education and Popularization section. In addition, many of our students participate in the technical implementation of the conference. A number of colleagues from BNL-CZ from the STAR experiment presented directly at the conference with expert talks:

  • Leszek Kosarzewski about Upsilon meson production at the STAR experiment
  • Lukáš Kramárik about production of charmed quarks at the STAR experiment
  • Jakub Česka about Monte Carlo simulations of Upsilon meson production
  • Tomáš Truhlář abpout production of pion-pion, kaon-kaon a proton-antiproton pairs
  • Jan Vaněk about D+- meson production at the STAR experiment
  • Jakub Cimerman abourt correlation femtoscopy in heavy-ion collisions