STAR analysis collaboration meeting in Cracow

Many students and researchers from FNSPE CTU and NPI CAS attended STAR collaboration analysis meeting at the AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland, on 19-23 August 2019. They presented their recent scientific results supported by the use of infrastructure BNL-CZ.

Namely for NPI CAS:
RNDr. Jana Bielčíková, Ph.D. 
Mgr. Pavol Federic, PhD. 
Bc. Georgij Ponimatkin 
Bc. Monika Robotková 
Ing. Jan Vaněk 

Namely for FNSPE CTU:
Mgr. Jaroslav Bielčík, Ph.D. 
Bc. Jakub Češka 
Ing. Petr Chaloupka. Ph.D
Bc. Kateřina Hladká 
Bc. Jakub Kubát 
Mgr. Ing. Leszek Kosarzewski, Ph.D. 
Ing. Lukáš Kramárik