Hot Quarks 2018

More than 65 scientists attended the prestigious international Hot Quarks 2018 conference (7-14 September). This workshop on heavy-ions, aimed particularly at young scientists and students, took place on the picturesque Texel Island in the Netherlands and was co-organised by Dr. Jana Bielčíková, the leader of the STAR group at the Nuclear Physics Institute of Czech Academy of Sciences. Two students of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Ing. Jan Vaněk and Ing. Oliver Matonoha, had the privilege to come to this conference and present their latest results from the research they conduct at the STAR experiment. Jan talked about his analysis of the open-charmed mesons and what can we learn from it about the quark energy losses in the Quark Gluon Plasma, whereas Oliver presented measurements on the Upsilon production and the methods to use them to study the plasma temperature.