On 5-12.7. 2017 the European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics, which is one of the major international conferences for HEP, was this year held in Venice, Italy. At this conference, two of our students (Ing. Miroslav Šimko and Bc. Oliver Matonoha) presented their up to date research progress and one student (Ing. Lukáš Kramárik) presented his poster.

Ing. Miroslav Šimko (NPI CAS) is presenting his research on Measurements of open charm hadrons in Au+Au collisions at the STAR experiment. Bc. Oliver Matonoha (FNSPE CTU  in Prague) is presenting his research on Measurements of the Upsilon meson production in Au+Au collisions at the STAR experiment. 

Ing. Lukáš Kramárik (FNSPE CTU  in Prague) is presenting his poster on Measurements of charm meson production in p+p and Au+Au collisions by the STAR experiment.