Shifts at RHIC collider

Within the cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Brookhaven National Laboratory arise also obligations. One of these duties is to serve the number of shifts at RHIC accelerator. The first shift served three students from the Technical University FNSPE:

Bc. Jakub Kvapil (left) - 2 weeks on STAR experiment

Bc. Jan Vaněk (middle) - 2 weeks on STAR experiment

Bc. Radek Novotný - 4 weeks on PHENIX experiment

Detektor operátoři na experimentech urychlovače RHIC, zleva Jakub Kvapil, Jan Vaněk a Radek Novotný.
Detektor operators on experiments on RHIC accelerator, from left Jakub Kvapil, Jan Vaněk and Radek Novotný.